Interview With Legendary Physicist Freeman Dyson

Most Americans are unaware that the United Nations is currently working towards a treaty to ban nuclear weapons worldwide.  It was an honor to have been invited to attend the opening conference to conduct a series of interviews and public service announcements.

In this interview, Freeman Dyson (age 93) discusses the crucial role of science for maintaining international peace in the nuclear age. A living legend, Dyson’s mathematics unified three versions of Quantum Electrodynamics invented by his contemporaries Feynman, Schwinger and Tomonaga. He inspired many a science fiction novel with his “Dyson Spheres” theorized to harness energy from distant stars by alien civilizations.

Dyson along with Stephen Hawking, Peter Higgs, and 3000 other scientists have signed an open letter in support of the UN effort to abolish nuclear weapons. View it HERE.

Video: United Nations - Scientists Against Nukes

In March 2017, a group of the world's foremost scientists gathered at the United Nations headquarters in support of a global ban on nuclear weapons. Here are their informal statements to the public. This film was made possible by the UN Irish ambassador and the Future of Life Institute. Additional support provided by the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. JOIN THE MOVEMENT: - -

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